jaimie (thatslikewoa) wrote,

its why honey bunches of oats is the first cereal that comes to mind. why most of the time i cant wait for 5th period, but also sometimes dread it. why i know all the rules of popping collars. why i actually listened to a full country song. why i really got into song lyrics. why i still think im the prime minister of new brunswick, if such a place even exists. why i spend the same amount of time sleeping as i do online, except for spring break, in which i spent WAY more time online than sleeping. why i dont really like to drink anymore. why im closer to human now than i ever was. why i always keep my fone by me, just in case 3 o clock in the morning comes around. and why this is my away message, so everyone can see it.

i miss this. i can't live without him.
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