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she leaves like she's never coming back again

12 November
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i am jack's complete lack of suprise.
a walk to remeber, abercrombie models, aim, almost-unhealthy obsessions, andrew jackson, ashton kutcher, avoiding sidewalk cracks, awkward boys, back that ass up, bad words, band shirts, barnes and noble, being ghetto, being in love, being tan, bikinis, biting my fingernails, bloomingdales, booty dancing, boys, bubble wrap, buzz bake sale, cell phones, cereal, chinese food, city place, codenames, coke n rum, crying at concerts, dancing to britney spears, daniel radcliffe, david, depressing music, deryck whibley, dispatch, donald trump, earsex, faded love, fall out boy, feeling infinite, ferris buller's day off, for sure, fuck off, fuck you you hoe, gardens mall, got juicy?, guys in speedos, hal sparks, hard lemonade, hoey, hoodies, hooking up, hot guys, i feel sick, ib program, jeans, jimmy choo, jimmy fallon, johnathan james mccubbin, jonathan rhys meyers, juicy, kissing, knee-highs, kthx, legally blonde, lighters, lip gloss, listening to your problems, little black dresses, long island iced tea, lost in translation, low rise jeans, lying, lying on bedroom floors, making-out, manolo blahnik, memoirs of a geisha, michael ian black, mint gum, mo rocca, ms.gilbert, my boyfriend, my pillow, nail polish, never had it, not being a blonde, o4', oasis, oh fo fa sho, our lady peace, pajama pants, palm beach jews, passion, penis lines, pimping, pixie sticks, plastic jewelry, pointless stuff, prince charming, procrastinating, prostitution, punk'd, quirkiness, random people, reading, riley, riviera beach, roosevelt full service center, saks fifth avenue, sarcasm, screaming in public, secret notebooks, seekers, shay, silly romantic notions, singing in the shower, singing out of tune, six-packs, sixteen candles, skateboarders, sleeping to music, slow dancing, smart boys, something corporate, suncoast, suncoast high school, surfing, swimming, swimming in the rain, taking showers, tank tops, tanning, the boy who lived, the breakfast club, the-perks-of-being-a-wallflower, things that are free, thirteen, tom felton, too far away, too high heels, undies, unsent letters, upper east side, victoria's secret, whipped cream, wishing i was loved, wishing on dandelions, yo, yoga,