jaimie (thatslikewoa) wrote,

so this weekend was just like last-ish.
work friday 4 -11
work sunday 9-4/5-11

i don't know why the fuck i got such an annoying job. it's miserable, and 10$ an hour is hardly enough for me to ruin my weekend when i'm already so in need of fun.
honestly i can't give any more effort to school i am so completely burnt out. junior killed me and i'm sick of it.
emilie's party was fun. i was outside when the police came and searched everything. it was scary and i was too drunk to realize how bad a situation it could have been. work this morning was terrible, i was nauseous the entire time and i just had to stand there and watch the bartender pour drinks because the bar is right next to where the hostess desk is, it was torture.
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